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What is the NL4 Knife from Fallkniven?

The Fallkniven NL4 is a knife designed and manufactured by the Swedish company Fallkniven AB. It is a fixed blade knife, meaning that the blade is permanently attached to the handle and does not fold.


The Fallkniven NL4 model is also known as the “Frej” knife, and features a 4-inch blade made of laminated VG10 steel. The handle is made of a thermorun elastomer material, which provides a comfortable and non-slip grip even in wet conditions.

The Fallkniven NL4 is designed for outdoor use, and is popular among hunters, campers, and survivalists. It is known for its durability, sharpness, and balance, and is often considered a high-quality and reliable knife.

The blade is composed of a combination of VG10W steel and 420J2 steel, creating a sturdy, resilient edge and sides that can resist torque. On its own, a blade that is 5 millimetres thick would be plenty strong for most tasks, but with the addition of a laminate layer, an additional 20% strength is added in terms of bending resistance as opposed to a regular VG10W blade. This combination is advantageous as it brings together a variety of desirable properties into one product.

The Fallkniven NL4‘s handle is crafted from an often neglected material, oxhide, but it provides a reliable and durable grip. As time passes, it will develop a pleasing brown sheen and won’t be affected by oil, solvents, or water. The handle may become cracked if left unused for too long, but these will go away when the knife is used again.

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Last Updated on February 22, 2023