What is the EMP EDC Nymble?

EMP EDC NYMBLEThe EMP EDC (Every Day Carry) Nymble is the results of the knife-maker’s need and desire to create the perfect folding knife. The handles are carefully structured machined from solid titanium. The pattern is milled to achieve better grip and handling. The front-flipper tab has an emergency glass-breaker. The EMP EDC Nymble folder is finished with an anodized titanium pocket clip which allows for a secure and easy carry folder. The  creator took the time he needed to create a folder that feels amazing in the hand. The EMP EDC Nymble is ready to take on any expected day-to-day task.

The EMP EDC Nymble is perfect as a carry for a variety of daily challenges. Ergonomically the knife is very comfortable and on the cutting edge. Riding on ceramic bearings is the 3.1″ stainless steel blade made of M390. EMP EDC Nymble X is the larger version of the Nymble with a 3.5″ blade. With smooth action and incredible fidget factor it is the EDC folder to carry in your pocket.

EMP EDC Nymble for Sale


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