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What is the Santoku Signature Knife Set from Cutco?

The Cutco Santoku Signature Set is a complete kitchen set designed to cater to the needs of a cook.



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About the Cutco Santoku Signature Set

The Cutco Santoku Signature Set is a resourceful and accommodating set that has become a classic from Cutco. The set includes a Santoku-style knife which is a Japanese-style knife that is typically shorter and lighter than a Western-style chef’s knife. It has a straighter blade that curves slightly towards the tip and features a Granton edge, which helps prevent food from sticking to the blade.

The Cutco Santoku Signature Set also comes with a block for storage and organization, and the option to add engraving to personalize the set. There are two variations of the set available: the regular Santoku-Style Signature Set and the Santoku-Style Signature Set with Steak Knives, which includes steak knives in addition to the Santoku-style knife and block.

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Cutco Santoku Signature Set Reviews

The Santoku-Style Signature Set with Steak Knives has many reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The reviews praise the quality and durability of the knives, as well as the convenience of having a complete set for various cooking needs.

I have been using this knife set since 2012 and find every piece of it useful. I have already sharpened the table knives once, and I will do it again as they are used regularly and kept in the dishwasher. I am fond of every piece of this set and have even added a few more pieces like Santoku cheese knife, trimmer, and slicer. All the pieces of this set are capable of cutting everything effectively.

I purchased this set to avoid buying knives repeatedly, and I have been using it for almost a decade. I use at least one knife from this set daily, and the table knives are incredibly sharp. Although a few knives need sharpening after ten years of use, they are still better than our old knives, which required frequent sharpening but were still not sharp enough. I am also satisfied with the performance of the kitchen shears as they are the best scissors I have ever used.

It’s important to note that Cutco offers a Forever Guarantee on their products, which means they will sharpen, repair, or replace any Cutco product that is defective or damaged.

Overall, the Cutco Santoku-Style Signature Set appears to be a well-designed and highly-regarded set of cutlery.






Last Updated on April 11, 2023