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What is the Bugout 535-3 knife from Benchmade?

Benchmade Bugout 535-3

Benchmade’s 535 3 Bugout is a lightweight, top-notch folding knife. This is the most recent rendition of the Bugout lineup, boasting an improved S90V stainless steel blade and a milled carbon fiber handle. This series of knives was made to be the perfect EDC tool – sturdy but light, not too big but big enough for most everyday tasks, and incredibly reliable but with a fashionable look. The 535-3 Bugout meets all of those criteria.

Benchmate Bugout 535 3 for sale.

In both its look and performance, the 535-3 is a contemporary pocketknife in every sense. It is 7.44 inches long when open and has a total weight of only 2 ounces, making it a great fit for any gear bag.

What makes this particular Bugout model stand out among the others in the series, and many other knives, is its superior material quality. This model has a 535-3 blade made of CPM-S90V stainless steel, that has a hardness rating of 59-61 HRC, designed to maintain its edge and sharpness. The drop-point blade has a length of 82mm, or 3.24 inches, and is incredibly sharp and pointy.

It is plain to see that Benchmade is a leader in the knife-making industry. Now, let’s examine the features of the latest Bugout 535 3. It is an incredibly light knife weighing only 2.02 ounces due to its carbon fibre handle and streamlined shape. The blade is 3.24 inches long, which is slightly bigger than a usual EDC knife and I find it to be quite beneficial. The designers have incorporated a super steel called CPM-S90V into the Bugout 535 3. This material is new to us and I am truly impressed.

Benchmate Bugout 535 3 for sale

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Last Updated on December 28, 2022