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What is the Benchmade 940 DLC 1802?

Benchmade 940 1802 OsborneThis EDC knife from Benchmade is also called Benchmade 940DLC-1802 Osborne. The 940DLC-1802 stands out from the other Osborne knives.The handles are amazing looking and are made of red resin infused carbon fibre. They have a newly designed contour guaranteed to fit extremely well in your hand. The 940DLC-1820 has to be one of the not only best looking EDC, but with it’s M390 top-of-the-line steel blades it also performs extremely well under any cutting condition you might encounter. The thumb studs are a cool bright red, and the coated spacers are grey.

The well known and proven Benchmade’s AXIS lock system is used on the 940-DLC. According to Benchmade, after extensive testing the lock supported loads in excess of 200 pounds without damage. Being a compact EDC knife, this is impressive to say the least. The style of the blade is classic tanto. The 940 DLC 1802 is quite difficult to find. So if you see one below – grab it.

Benchmade 940DLC 1802 for sale



Benchmade 940DLC 1802 for sale
DLC 940 Osborne EDC Knife

Last Updated on September 19, 2022