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What is a Bark River Knife?

Bark River Knives designs and produces outdoor knives known for their quality and ruggedness. The goal is to get the maximum performance out of each Bark River knife. Embracing a blend of contemporary and traditional designs and manufacturing methods the knives keeps the features that have prevailed in outdoor knives for a long time. The knife maker’s most popular knife is the Bark River BRAVO knife. The company also produces two Canadian knives, the Bark River Canadian Special  and the Bark River Lil’ Canadian CPM-3V. Both the Canadian versions are hard to find.

All Bark River knives have the classic bushmaster look and feel. They have succeeded in making knives that are true to tradition, and extremely durable. Their knives are made for the rough jobs outdoors. Hunting, fishing and bush craft. Most, if not all knives comes with a leather sheath that are actually made by hand.


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Last Updated on September 20, 2022